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Microfinishing Yesterday-Today and Tomorrow from Micron to Nano and Ångström

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What will be decisive for the further existence of single wheel lapping machines?

The increasing requests for dimensional tolerances, flatness, and roughness are still being a success by the single wheel machine techniques and hardly replace any other technique.

Picture 2
Lapped work pieces
Mostly for single wheel technique

An important increase in quality was obtain by using so-called “high precision tools” such as diamond grit, vehicles, special working wheels (multi-metal), and polishing coatings. Without the lapping and polishing technique, CD/DVD and high-tech applications such as data systems, mobiles, space travel a.s.o. (picture 3) would hardly exist.

The possibilities of the lapping and polishing techniques are not exhausted yet; it is quite often due to lacking development in material techniques that qualities in the nano or angstrom range can’t be obtained without problems.

Picture 3
Mirror polished injection mold make from steel.
Holder for CD injecting molding die, surface in the Nano-range Ra 0.001 Micron