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Microfinishing Yesterday-Today and Tomorrow from Micron to Nano and Ångström

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The single wheel lapping and polishing technique

Since 1960, when the author started to work in the lapping business, until
present time (2005) the lapping technique has experienced an enormous
improvement in quality.

At that time, a simple single wheel lapping machine equipped with the
ingenious dressing device (dressing by the very friction of the dressing rings) proved a huge success whereas nowadays highest precision is requested (picture 1).

New technologies, such as the double wheel flathoning technique (developed by the author in 1980), have resulted in the so-called “clean lapping”, offering high stock removal and high precision.

Lapping machine with three dressing rings
Picture 1
Single wheel lapping machine with 3 dressing rings.
The pressure plate allows parallel-machining at highest quality

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The Single Wheel Lapping and Polishing TechniqueWhat will be decisive for the further existence of single wheel lapping machines?The Double Wheel Lapping TechniqueStahli Go Their Own Way in Machine BuildingMore Economic Efficiency Thanks to AutomationInterlinking - Another Step Towards Efficient ProductionWhere does the journey of part processing go to? What is still feasible in Europe?Space as an Example for Proportions in Size