Stahli is a worldwide leading machine manufacturing company with over 50 years of research and developmental studies behind us. The machines we specialize in are Fine Grinding, Flat Honing, Lapping and Polishing machinery, and application tools. Our machines are single side, double-sided, and three-wheel machine design that keeps production flowing giving you the highest throughput rates possible. All of which, our machines can be customizable, and fully automated. We manufacture fixed abrasive (super abrasive) wheels in-house, carriers, and work holders explicitly created to your print. In addition, we formulate diamond products specific to your applications, carry in-stock consumables like honing oils, loose abrasives, dressing stones & rings, and more ensuring fast turnaround times; and so much more!

We are price competitive, rapid turnaround times, and maintaining strong customer relations is our top priority. Get the service, support, and materials needed to maximize production, saving money and time by receiving the highest quality products in the market. If we can’t do it, nobody can; your challenge is our specialty! Contact us today!