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Stahli USA designs, tests, and builds fixed abrasive flat honing and fine grinding wheels. The aim of fixed abrasive wheels is to modify the surface structure and/or preparation of a workpiece. In general, fixed abrasive wheels are characterized by grit size (abrasive grain), bonding type, substances used, and the grade and structure of the fine grinding wheel. Users of our wheels can choose between a specially formulated wheel tailored to their exact needs, or choose one of our reliable standard specifications.  Additionally, the physical and chemical properties of the diamond and/or CBN crystals can influence the performance of the grinding wheel. Having over 50 years of experience in our field has earned us the prestige of manufacturing the highest quality fixed super abrasive wheels. Above all, being an abrasive wheel manufacturer, allows us to offer you success in your future projects.

In addition, our laboratory continuously tests the latest developments in superabrasive grinding wheel technology. Via our ongoing contract jobs and R&D testing, allows us to ensure you that the abrasive wheels are of the highest superior quality. Furthermore, our work includes the utilization of resin bond, vitrified bond, and metal bond products. We manufacture grinding wheels for a variety of machines. Meanwhile, with the rigidity and speed capabilities of the Stahli designed DLM and FLM machines; we’re able to take advantage of the expansion in wheel development. The bonding type of the wheel and speed is a critical component in taking advantage of the finishes that will blow you away.

To Dive a Little Deeper…

CBN wheels are used to sharpen tool steels, cut metals, or grind ferrous metals (a compound that includes iron) such as steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, or cast iron. A CBN grinding wheel uses Cubic Boron Nitride, or CBN, as its grinding material. Cubic Boron Nitride is considered to be super abrasive which is stronger than normal abrasives like aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. When it comes to hard metals, diamonds aren’t built for the task of stock removal. Diamond wheel applications are better for more delicate materials like ceramics for instance while precision grinding. CBN doesn’t chemically react with iron and with this lack of reaction allows CBN to remove more material and last longer than diamonds when grinding most hard metals.

A longer life cycle for your grinding wheel has several advantages: 

  • Fewer wheel changes
  • Less downtime
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • More controlled wear rates resulting in overall better wheel performance

CBN is also better than diamonds for grinding hard metals because it has a very high rate of thermal conductivity. It can withstand temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Celsius before it starts to degrade. Diamond wheels even have a lower thermal conductivity than CBN and it is the best natural conductor of heat.

The adhesive bonds of abrasive wheels don’t just hold the granules in place. It also acts as a shock absorber and helps maintain consistent wear on the faces of the wheel. The two most common type of bonds is resin and vitrified bonds. 

Furthermore, resin bond grinding wheels has good cutting performance and cool grinding. In comparison with vitrified bonds, resinoid bonded wheels are known as being soft while performing fast and cool grinding. They have a very wide range of applications for removing material for workpiece surfaces.

Feeling For Finishing…

Manufacturing superabrasive wheels for both single and double-sided machinery allows more flexibility in applications applied. Having the capability to manufacture them in-house allows us to be in complete control of the quality of abrasive wheel bonds that best fits your projects. Furthermore, our abrasive wheels strongly serve the carbide cutting tool industry, the ceramics industry, the quartz industry, thermal spray, and many other specialty materials!

Above all, the high-quality finishes that pair with money and time-saving outcomes delivering to you, use Stahli USA as your #1 supplier in manufacturing your next super abrasive wheel. In addition to typical flat honing and fine grinding applications; we continue to push the envelope towards finer finishes, reduced sub-surface damage, and consistent quality.

Please contact Stahli USA to discuss your fixed-abrasive applications.