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The decision to purchase capital is never easy or very quick. Many items must be addressed prior to the final decision. One issue that holds great importance is the ability of the machine to do what you require.

That’s where our 30 years of subcontracting experience comes into play. We look at your process from the ground up to determine the feasibility of a capital equipment purchase. While other machine tool builders sell a machine then perfect the process, we perfect the process first. The machine is strictly the means to success; it is a part of the process.

Process Development is the key to a successful relationship

  • You know ahead of time the ups and downs of your process
  • By investing in process development upfront you eliminate problems on the backend
  • If the process is not viable, you are not saddled with a machine you cannot use

Lapping Development

  • Using Stahli USA lapping machines and technicians we perfect the process before you purchase a machine.
  • We determine compound, grit size and cycle times that are needed to meet your finish requirements.
  • When your machine is delivered you can be assured that it will work the way it was intended.

Polishing Development

  • Our polishing development is second to none. As always our experienced group of engineers, technicians and operators work as a team to supply you with a solution to your most stringent requirements. You see results to your process first.

Flat Honing/Fine Grinding Development

  • Your products are first processed on our extensive selection of Stahli USA workshop equipment. Our subcontracting engineers put your part through an aggressive development cycle. At that time we determine the best wheel, speeds and feeds, pressures, carriers, and honing oils that will achieve the best results for your product. We will work hand and hand with you to supply success. That is the Stahli promise.

Stahli USA is ISO 9001:2015 Certified