Diamond Products

As a machine and contract manufacturer, demands concerning new materials appear on us daily. In other words, this means that our diamond products must always develop to be continuously corresponding to the latest requirements. Close cooperation with developers and users guarantees that through our continuous development program the optimum in diamond, lapping and polishing agents are always available to you.

Advantages of our diamond products…

  • Very low viscosity, therefore gives faster material removal, no edge waste
  • Uniform distribution of diamond crystals in the suspension
  • No build-up of agglomerate, hence providing uniform and gentle materials removal (No scratching or chipping of material)
  • Chlorine-free diamond lapping suspensions and emulsions
  • Free of formaldehyde and formaldehyde derivatives
  • No stirring device necessary, because the suspensions and emulsions don’t settle out
  • Biodegradable

Diamond products from Stahli USA ideally suite all lapping and polishing discs as well as materials. They are distinguished by their high quality. All products are biodegradable. With our innovative ideas, our reliability, and high-quality standards, we also would like to work with you in the future on improving your operating sequences.

Water-soluble diamond lapping suspensions and oil-soluble diamond lapping emulsions produce brilliant lapping and polishing results. These are available for processing.

Please contact Stahli for any of your diamond product needs.