Metrology & Flatness


Precision Straight Edge

For the precise measurement of flathoning, lapping, and polishing wheels. Higher quality requirements with respect to flatness of workpieces which have to be flathoned, lapped, or polished gave the signal to design a precision straight edge. A regular control of the wheel flatness is indispensible for the quality system and avoids times consuming correction works. 3 dial gauges, diameter 58 mm, mounted on light metal profile, allow the measurement of unevenness of 0.001 mm and more. The unit is provided with a 3-point-rest. Handling according to manual which also includes the inspection record sheets.

Dual-Probe Thickness/Flatness Gaging


These systems provide improved thickness measurement in surface grinding and lapping operations through the use of an opposed pair of gage probes, one above and one below the part to be measured.

Measurement resolution can be set as fine as .000005″ (five millionths of an inch) or .0002mm (one-fifth of a micron). Coarser resolution settings are selectable.

The display unit offers both easy to read digital numeric readout and analog meter style display.

Lamtech Instrument

Optical flatness measurement is reliable to the micron range accuracy. Typically used when measuring a wide range of accuracy. Typically used when measuring a wide range of parts, specifically 11+ inches in diameter




Optical Flats

For flatness control in combination with our monochromotic inspection lights.


Standard Size LB (1/4 Standard) Material Application
Ø 50 mm 1/4 1/10 1/20 Zerodur One Sided Double Sided
Ø 75 mm
Ø 100 mm
Ø 125 mm
Ø 150 mm
Ø 200 mm
Ø 250 mm
Ø 300 mm



Monochromatic Inspection Light

The flatness of work pieces is measured with the interference tester. The lamp generates monochromatic light and thus permits the interference fringes to be seen using a precise optical flat. The distance from one so-called “light band” to the next is around 0.3 microns.

Description Size
Monochromatic inspection light direct
Monochromatic inspection light indirect Ø 200 mm
Monochromatic inspection light indirect Ø 350 mm
Monochromatic inspection light indirect Ø 410 mm
Monochromatic inspection light indirect Ø 550 mm