Extended Range Consumables

Stahli USA’s range extends from specialized lapping abrasive distribution systems, spraying devices, dressing systems, templates, carriers, precision straight edges for checking wheels, polishing tables, monochromatic inspection lights and optical flats through to automatic flatness testing devices.

Selected suppliers and manufacturers exclusively produce all accessories and consumable articles according to our specifications. They are subjected to constant quality control and are continuously adapted to the latest technological demands:

Consumable Materials

  • Lapping and polishing liquids
  • Abrasive powders, pastes and slurry
  • Diamond suspensions and emulsions
  • Carriers and workholders
  • Work piece, component and machine cleansers
  • Lapping wheels and conditioning rings
  • Polishing wheels and pads
  • Diamond, CBN and bound-particle wheels
  • Measuring and testing equipment
  • Special accessories

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