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Stahli USA is known for supplying and manufacturing the highest quality products on the market. From machinery to consumables needed to complete a finishing process, you will be more than satisfied with the finished results. Our quality is controlled for Stahli USA’s line of flat honing oil and lapping vehicles assuring its consistency in all processes.

Stahli USA has done extensive testing on our lubricants and lapping vehicle product lines. That, in effect, has created a complete line up of products to satisfy all fine grinding and lapping applications. Particularly, having a manufacturing contract showroom at our facility, allows Stahli USA to be actively using the same products on our machines. Provided that, this allows us to take in the same benefits our flat honing oils and vehicles produce. We continue to optimize each fluid within the machines while running workpieces. This helps to determine what honing oil or vehicle works best with certain materials.

Struggling to find the right flat honing oil or lapping vehicle for a successful process ends here. Our honing oils not only act as a lubricant for the fixed abrasive wheels while in motion, but it also acts as a coolant to control the temperature of the wheels and workpieces. When completing lapping applications, the type of vehicle you use is critical. The vehicle is what is being used to carry the abrasive evenly to the lapping plate, maintaining the film strength, and providing lubrication while in motion.

Additionally, some applications include ceramic, steel, carbide, plastic, aluminum, powdered metals, and more!

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Flat Honing Oils and Lapping Vehicles