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Stahli USA, Inc. Products and Services
Your single source for all Flat Honing, Fine Grinding, Lapping, and Polishing equipment and consumables

Before all else, never underestimate the importance of high-quality consumables in the longevity of your machines’ life. Correspondingly, selected suppliers and manufacturers exclusively produce all accessories and consumable products according to our specifications.

Machine Tool Application’s

By providing the highest quality consumables for over 50 years allows us to supply you with the same high-quality products while achieving impeccable results in completing your process. As a matter of fact, this saves you time and money with successful production every time. While our consumable products are subject to constant quality control; which are also continuously adapting to the latest technological demands. In addition, all of our consumables go above and beyond performing on Stahli machines. Meanwhile, they are optimized for all other flat honing, lapping, and polishing equipment within the market today.

Abrasives Powder

Aluminum Oxide Boron Carbide Green Silicon Carbide Silicon Carbide Micro Alumina

Abrasive Paste & Slurry

lapping and polishing compoundsAluminum Oxide Boron Carbide Green Silicon Carbide Silicon Carbide Micro Alumina

Carrier/Workholder Discs

Carriers/workholders for lapping, polishing, fine grinding and flat honing processesBlue Steel Fiberglass Lexan Phenolics PVC Tempered Steel

Diamond Products (Oil, Water & Emulsions)

Diamond Pads for lapping plates Dressing Pads Lubricants Pastes Pellets Powders Slurries Stops

Fixed Abrasive Wheels

Abrasive wheel for Stock removal on Flat Honing MachineDiamond Plates CBN Plates Resin Bond Vitrified Bond Metal Bond


Metrology equipment for quality control after flat honing, lapping & polishing processMonochromatic Lights Optical Flats Polishing Papers Polishing Stands Precision Flats Straight Edges

Conditioning/Retaining Rings

lapping plates and rings for lapping or polishing processCast Iron Ceramic Conditioning Carriers Diamond Pellet Hardened Alloy

Lapping Plates

Copper Lapping PlatesCast Iron Plates Composite Plates Ductile Iron Plates Hand Lap Hardened Segments Spiral Grooved Plates Tin Antimony Plates

Pressure Pads

lapping plate padsGray Felt Green Felt Hard Neoprene Sponge Neoprene

Slurry Delivery & Reclamation

machine tool Filtration systems for flat honing, lapping and polishing applicationsAgitator Pumps Diamond Dispensing Diaphragm Pumps Peristaltic Pumps Vehicle Reclaim

Spare Parts

Drive Components Electrical Components Hydraulic Components Pneumatic Components


Lapping VehicleConcentrates Oil Based Synthetic Water Based

Stahli USA, Inc. manufactures consumable products for all makes and models of flat honing lapping and polishing machines.