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Stahli USA designs and manufactures carriers and workpiece templates for all flat honing, fine grinding, lapping, and polishing machines. Machine tooling is a critical component in having a successful outcome during a machining process. Our dedication to quality control assures you with receiving consistent, reliable tooling made to print that will save you time and money. In addition, the carrier needs to be strong, durable and cut precisely to maximize success with no interference affecting the finishing process.

The design of carriers and templates plays a critical role, not only in encapsulating the specific workpiece but also in the ability to maintain proper plate flatness. To emphasize, having improper machine tooling design can influence flatness, parallelism, and squareness of the finished component.

Stahli USA’s carrier program includes…

  • All materials including fiberglass, phenolic, PVC, tempered steel, and blue steel
  • Design engineering services available
  • In-house manufacturing with expedited delivery capabilities
  • Stocked raw materials
  • Workholders and templates for all makes and models of single-sided and double-sided machines
  • Creates a mirror finish with extreme precision while being used
  • Can cut work holes to suit any geometry and application while maintaining a parallel orientation between the workpiece and finishing surface

In conclusion, from concept to delivery, Stahli USA provides the most efficient turnaround time and guaranteed performance and quality. Your #1 source in giving you the highest quality machine tooling there is within today’s market!

Please contact Stahli USA for your carrier and workpiece template needs