Contract Services

Seasoned Professionals

contract_partnerOften, a customer cannot justify the purchase of a new machine for various reasons. When it’s not feasible to purchase a machine we offer subcontracting service through our five workshops located in Switzerland, Germany, and North America. Stahli started in the lapping, polishing and subcontracting business and we continue that tradition today. Your product will be processed in the same manner and on the same machines that are used in the field. Our craftsmanship goes above and beyond all standards; many of our lapping and grinding experts are seasoned professionals with years dedicated to honing their skills.

If it can be done we can do it, if we can’t do it nobody can. When you need subcontracting, turn to the true expert in subcontracting services, turn to Stahli USA.

Subcontracting offers the following benefits:

  • Subcontracting frees up capital investment money
  • Subcontracting guarantees consistent material costs
  • Subcontracting eliminates manufacturing concerns involving labor, material and consumable issues

Our workshops are constantly upgrading and improving.

Our modern workshops include the most advanced machines that Stahli USA has to offer. From our single sided lapping and flat honing machines to the latest technology, CNC controlled double sided fine grinding machines. You can be assured that Stahli USA will have the skilled workers and the proper equipment to get the job done right….the first time.

You will be more than satisfied!

If Stahli does not have the capacity to process you job in-house, we can use out partnerships with many quality contract houses across the United States to complete your order or provide you with a referral.

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Stahli USA is ISO 9001:2015 Certified