Lapping Plates & Rings

Count on Stahli as your next supplier for lapping plates, segments, gears and rings for your next project! Our products satisfy all makes and models of lapping and polishing machines in the market. Some of  the different types of Lapping Machines we supply for includes:

  • Speedfam
  • Lapmaster
  • Peter Wolters
  • P. R. Hoffman
  • Cleveland
  • Engis
  • Spitfire
  • Melchiorre
  • Custom / Homemade

Save money, feel confident and satisfied overall choosing Stahli USA as your #1 consumable supplier!

Stahli has been the worldwide leading supplier and machine manufacturer for over 50 years and we take pride in the products we can offer you.

Which Lapping Plate best suites you?

Plain Lapping Plates

  • flexibility of running small workpieces.
  • can apply an interchangeable pad on the face of the working plate.
  • The addition of a pad can ultimately give you a matte or mirror finish along with the desired surface roughness and flatness you are trying to achieve.
  • Easy transitions of projects.

Radial Lapping Plates

  • Allows the removal of a material and lapping agent to be ejected from the lapping surface which increases the cut-rate and minimizes contamination

Cross Hatched Lapping Plates

  • More interrupted faces create a higher cutting rate and increase swarf removal

Spiral/Concentric Grooved Polishing Plates

  • Primarily for polishing workpieces that need to hold a surface finish and flatness
  • Allows lapping agents to be carried away from cutting surface that helps keep the lapping plate surface flat.

Difference in Materials

  • Cast Iron/ Copper Combo – High Removal rates with impeccable Finishing
  • Cast Iron – High removal rate
  • Copper- Superior Finishes
  • Steel – High Removal Rates
  • Tin – Superior Finishes
  • Aluminum – Precision Finishes
  • Other- Custom to your needs

We have done extensive research and developmental projects to offer you the highest quality products for your lapping and polishing applications. Our Lapping and polishing consumables are generously priced, with fast turnaround times, and are made in the United States. Your single source for all of your lapping and polishing applications!

Lapping and Polishing Supplier for all makes and models lapping machinery

Tell us what you want and we will make it for you.