Fixed Abrasive Wheels & Pads

Pressure Plate, Polishing & Grinding Pads

Stähli USA offers a diverse range of lapping and polishing application materials, all of which can be customized to your needs. Our pressure plate, polishing and grinding pads increase production times while giving you the precision finish to to the application. In summary, the impressive finishes our products achieve makes each polishing and grinding application effortless.

Pressure Plate Pads


Neoprene, Felt, Cellasto, Custom


Quarter Inch, Half Inch, and Custom Sizes

Most materials and sizes available in stock!

Polishing Pads

If tight surface finish tolerances are what your application needs, our polishing pads are what you are missing. In fact, supplying the highest quality polishing pads in the market allows us to provide you with consistent results and resilience in each project. Having our expertise in finishing products for over 50 years has given us the advantage in perfecting all polishing applications. The precision finish you need is the finish you will receive!

Materials & Applications

Hard Synthetic Fiber

Used for pre-polishing with high stock removal

Medium Hard Synthetic Fiber Cloth

Steady removal rate & superb finishing on almost all materials

Medium Hard Woven Wool Polishing Cloth

Fine polishing of larger workpieces

Flocked Universal Polishing Pad

Consistent removal rates for all kinds of metals

Universal Polishing Cloth With Low Flock Density


Non-Woven Polishing Pad, PU Impregnated

Good removal rates and superb finish to metals and optical materials

Universal Polishing Cloth With High Flock Density

Crossover pad for diamond and oxide polishing

Chemically Resistant, Spongy Oxide Polishing Cloth

Final finishes with oxide polishing slurries

Grinding Pads

At Stähli USA, we offer three different types of grinding pads that all have key features that will suit most of your finishing needs. Moreover, durability and precision are what we are known for worldwide. In fact, our stock removal rates and the surface finish of the machined workpiece will create a whole new level of workpiece effectiveness. We continually strive in offering high-quality products that will increase productivity with materials that last.

Resin Bond Diamond

  • Fast and clean handling
  • Significant stock removal rate
  • High flatness quality
  • High Surface quality
  • Made for all mounting systems – Self-sharpening system
  • Production time & Cost savings – Long lifetime
  • Non-erosion backing
  • Universal fine grinding application

Resin Bond with Silicon Carbide

  • Economic price/quantity
  • Universal application
  • Fast Mounting
  • Keeps removal rate
  • Used for wet & dry applications – Fits on all mounting systems

Composite Polishing

  • Impressive stock removal rate – Universal fine grinding application – High surface quality
  • Fast and clean handling
  • High Flatness
  • Non-erosion backing
  • Self-sharpening bond system
  • Production time & cost savings