Flat Honing Oils & Lapping Vehicles

Flat Honing Oils & Lapping Vehicles

At Stahli USA we offer flat honing oils and lapping vehicles for all different types of machines. In fact, our products help assist in performing the best results possible. However, our products are formulated for the purpose of creating a more effective process. This results in giving you more production completion while saving you money. Moreover, our full line of honing oils and lapping vehicles offers unbelievable benefits to most all machining applications. Generally speaking, ensuring you an effective and successful project in finishing workpieces.

Our Flat Honing oils and lapping vehicles will provide you high-quality flat surfaces during your machining process. Furthermore, with the combination of the speed of our grinding or lapping machines and agents added, the success of workpiece surface area completion remains consistent. Our agents are formulated to maintain a clean surface of the wheel and/or lapping plate by flushing away material particles that were removed while in motion. In addition to maintaining a clean surface area of the working wheel, the heat of the working wheel is also cooled to aid in the dissipation of heat from the removed stock.

*5gal buckets and 55gal drums available 
*Totes available upon request
Honing oil

Flat Honing Oil

Item CodeDescriptionApplication
V-STAHLIHONE1Stahli General Natural Oil #1Powder Metal, Steels, general purpose
V-STAHLIHONE2Stahli General Synthetic Oil #1 Powder Metal, Steels, general purpose
V-STAHLIHONE3Stahli Ceramic Grinding OilAlumina Ceramics
V-STAHLIHONE4 Stahli General Natural Oil #2Powder Metal, Steels, general purpose
V-STAHLIHONE5 Stahli General Synthetic Oil #2Powder Metal, Steels, general purpose
V-STAHLIHONE6Stahli Carbide Natural OilCarbide Inserts, Carbide saw blades

Lapping Vehicles

Oil Based Vehicle:

OBV – 2500

Waterbased Vehicles:Table

WB – 3000
WC – 3010
WC – 4200

Furthermore, being a worldwide leader in finishing workpieces for over 50 years, offering you the highest quality products within the market. In the event of needing our products, you will be more than satisfied with the outcomes our products assist in achieving. Consequently, our honing oils and vehicles satisfy more fine grinding and lapping machines within the market.

Contact Stahli USA and put your workpieces to the test using the highest quality products worldwide!