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Microfinishing Yesterday-Today and Tomorrow from Micron to Nano and Ångström

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Stahli Go Their Own Way in Machine Building

Thanks to the newly developed DLM 705 bridge construction machine line the flat honing technique proves even more economic for the machining of series of flat pieces made from nearly all materials, from aluminum and steel to hard metal and hard ceramics.

Workpieces with thicknesses from less than 0.5 mm up to 50 mm and diameters from 1-200 mm are machined in the micron range. Stock removal rates up to 0.5 mm are common in astonishingly short cycle times from <1-10 minutes for 10-1000 pieces per load, according to workpiece size, stock removal, and machine type (pictures 5 + 6).

Double Sided finishing
Picture 5
Production-Flathoning machine DLM 705 with loading and unloading tables
Workpieces after flat honing
Picture 6
Sample pieces flathoning

Stahli is the leading manufacturer of precision finishing applications. Years of research and developmental studies have given us the advantage in offering the latest technology, for an overall advantage to your company.