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Microfinishing Yesterday-Today and Tomorrow from Micron to Nano and Ångström

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More Economic Efficiency Thanks to Automation

For this purpose, helpful recourse was taken to the pin and toothed ring system with the so-called workpiece carriers, satellites respectively. 1 or 2 lower sections of the outer pin ring made loading and unloading possible, first manually then fully automatic.

The loading and unloading method of the sandwich system (DLM-Stähli) with a controlled gap between the working wheels provides 100% security. No workpieces lie superimposed or askew in the carrier or remain in the machine. Loading and unloading times are less than 30 seconds for 5 carriers (picture 7).

Double sided grinding machine
Picture 7
DLM 700
Fully Automatic, pre-loaded waiting station, loaded and unloaded within 30 seconds

Maximizing production is not an option for fine grinding/fine honing workpieces. In short, our machines allow full customization with automation integration is a guarantee in saving endless amounts of time and money.