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Flat Honing and Lapping with Two-Wheel Machines

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Application Areas and Future for Two- Wheel Machines

Within the refinishing centers of the Stahli Group; the ratio of machining orders for single to two-wheel machines is still 2:1. However, there is a clear trend towards the more frequent use of two-wheel machines. Specifically on the basis of diamond and CBN wheels providing precision surfacing solutions.

The application areas for two-wheel lapping and flat honing machines are principally in the field of the mass machining of flat workpieces. If the machining methods coordination is perfect, it can achieve an extremely high production rate.

New technologies, such as flat honing on fixed-grain wheels made of corundum, CBN, and diamond, combined with a central and/or flood rinse and semi- or full automation has opened up precision surfacing solutions for a successful future for the two-wheel machine. With this method, individual work phases can be skipped, which makes the process extremely economical. “Clean lapping” or flat honing is also asserting itself for environmental reasons. Virtually all businesses are now demanding a conversion (cf. Chapter 6).

In conclusion, we would like to state that lapping/polishing and flat honing are sure of a bright future. Flat honing is establishing more within the industry as an economical and high-quality procedure. University studies and seminars will also contribute to this acceptance by achieving precision surfacing solutions.

The company A.W Stahli AG regularly offers its own, practical seminars. They are aiming both at beginners and operating staff at user companies. As a supplement to this document; further documentation about “Lapping technology” training and operational films are also available in four languages.

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