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Stahli commits to our customers through dependable and innovative equipment with processes unparalleled across the industry. It is imperative to the Stahli team in creating a smooth system for all of our customers’ finishing needs. Our brand new FH3 series is a brilliant addition that delivers the throughput of double disc grinding with the accuracy and repeatability of Flat Honing processing.

The FH3 series is a Flat Honing machine creating automation on a whole other level and ultra-fast production. The FH3 series completely changes Flat Honing experiences throughout the world. This machine is user-friendly, delivers powerful performance, and precision down to the micron.

Three Wheel vs. Double-Sided Flat Honing Machine Series

Similar to our DLM series Flat Honing machines, the FH3 machine holds micron-level tolerances, along with giving you the benefit of loading workpieces during the machining process. This decreases downtime in between loads, thus guaranteeing the highest production rates possible.

Compared to our DLM series machine, the FH3 series is designed with three fixed abrasive wheels versus the traditional two-wheel system. The new generation of the FH3 series gives the operator the advantage of loading raw workpieces on wheel three, while wheels one and two are in motion. Once a cycle is complete, the two bottom abrasive wheels rotate to begin a new cycle while removing the finished workpieces. At this point, wheel three is ready to be loaded again with raw parts while the new cycle is running. This innovative line of Flat Honing machines allows maximum production through this smooth nonstop process.

The addition of the third wheel on the FH3 machine saves time and money. This Flat Honing machine is revolutionary as it is completely customizable. Adding features to the machine allows you to optimize your experience in producing precise, high quality, innovative finishes. Above all, no other machine in the industry can match the throughput rates and precision of the Stahli FH3 series.

Furthermore, the FH3 series machine is built for automation allowing for remote maintenance, telediagnosis, and online support if needed. The FH3 machine comes in different sizes to accommodate your manufacturing needs. Working wheel diameters can vary from 500 to 860.

The FH3 machine is compatible for use on most materials such as aluminum, metal, ceramic, carbide, plastic, and more! This machine series can also serve all industries, which includes: automotive, medical, defense, agriculture, industrial machinery, hydraulic and aerospace.

CLICK HERE to view a demonstration of the FH3 Series Flat Honing Machine

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