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Flat Honing and Lapping with Two-Wheel Machines

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Cylindrical Lapping on Two-Wheel Machines

This process of cylindrical lapping wears down the material through the oblique positioning of the workpieces (lateral slippage during rotation). The precision of the load stands at <0.2 microns in terms of circularity and straightness, while maintaining excellent surface quality. The stock removal is remarkable at 10-20 microns in approx. 10 minutes. Flawless pre-grinding is also beneficial for the finishing process.

Precision Cylindrical Lapping Process
37: Workpiece and a lapping-cage arrangement for cylindrical lapping

High precision machining of cylindrical components using the two-wheel application allows quick adjustment of wheel geometry by means of the central screw. The removal of the material is precise and even with oscillating pattern movements. There is also a cooling function of the lapping wheel. This process can be created by a quick transition to flat lapping or polishing machines allowing multi-purpose usages for your next finishing process. Our user-friendly machinery is the missing link in successfully resulting in consistency and reliability for your cylindrical applications.

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