Stahli USA adds Brush Deburring to the Lake Zurich lab

Deburring4Flat honing or fine grinding can generate a small burr in some materials. In order to offer the complete solution to our valued customers, Stahli USA has installed a brush deburr unit in our Lake Zurich laboratory.

Our deburring program includes the following features:

  • In-line integration with Stahli USA machines
  • Integration with existing coolant filtration systems
  • Matched production rates with flat honing or fine grinding machines
  • Combined grinding wheel and deburr trials in one location
  • Complete process development capabilities
  • In combination with flat honing, brush deburring can generate lower roughness values (Ra, Rz)

Please contact us regarding your deburring requirements and we will be happy to perform trials as well as quote deburring systems.