Flat Lapping with Loose Abrasives

FLM Series Machine

Single-Side Lapping Polishing & Flat HoningThe Surface Finish Quality you deserve

The Stahli FLM series machine is the perfect addition to your production lab for lapping, polishing, and single-side flat honing applications. This multipurpose series is a cost-effective way to receive the highest precision possible. You have the flexibility to use either a loose abrasive or a fixed abrasive wheel on any platform. Their capabilities are ideal for both large and small manufacturing shops. Key features include adjustable rotating speeds of the working wheel, stable bearing arrangement for quiet operation, quick adjustment of the working wheel by the center screw, slurry distribution system to maintain cleanliness, flexibility to quickly change over to other processes, and integrated cooling chiller unit to keep the machine running at the same temperature constantly. The outcome will be more production completed in a favorable amount of time. Experience absolute precision, superior quality, and economic efficiency with Stahli’s FLM series machine. This system can be customized specifically to customers’ needs. Discover the key features the FLM machine has to offer from our experts today!

FLM 500-550

Space-saving dimensions while obtaining throughput productivity. Operational application is mainly concentrated on small to medium series.

FLM 750-1500

Perfect to process medium to large parts. Has the capability to run one piece at a time to large capacity batches.

FLM 1800-3250

Production machine for parts up to 1500mm in diameter. Programmable force on workpieces between

Speak with one of our specialists on which FLM series would be the best fit for you! Visit us and put your parts to the test on our FLM 750, or FLM 1500 at our facility. Production Contract is always an option if purchasing is not feasible.