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The Technique of Lapping

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The Polishing Table

Surfaces lapped with loose grains are matte gray in color (Figures 8 + 9). This layer can be easily removed with a few passes on the polishing table (Figure 62). This process is used for achieving a clean and reflective lapped surface on lapped workpieces. A flat-lapped plate is used as a polishing table. It is covered with fine polishing paper and tensioned via an eccentric. There is virtually no detectable loss of flatness after this polishing process. The paper surface should be washed regularly in order to remove the abraded material. Polishing paper is supplied in 10-m lengths.

Figure 62:
Polishing table with a polishing
paper tensioned with eccentric.
Polishing area 300×300 mm Type I
Polishing area 400×400 mm Type II
Polishing area 500×500 mm Type III