Trade Show Recap

Ohio’s Ceramics Expo was a huge success for Stahli USA not only because we showcased the only flat honing, lapping, and polishing machine on the floor, but because the FH 602 was the first 1-Side Flat Honing Machine with Size Control & Driven Head. Its game-changing technology for precision flat honing of ceramics, glass and […]

We’ve Expanded

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Stahli introduces the new FH 602 Manual Load 1-Side Machine

The first 1-Side Flat Honing Machine with Size Control & Driven Head. Increased quantities and series production with rapid stock removal require more performance. Our FH 602 machine is dedicated to high productivity, user-friendliness, economic efficiency, precision and safety. Flat Honing with diamond or CBN-wheels opt for a future in super finishing with a newly […]

Stahli expands Deburring Capabilities

Customized for application-specific abrasive filament brushes, Tri-Ten Series accepts precision ground parts, in carriers, directly from grinding, lapping, or honing machine. As magnetized belt grips parts in carrier, they are presented to planetary head, where three 10 in. abrasive filament brushes deburr upward facing surface. Edge break, surface finish, and material removal are accurately controlled. […]

Stahli USA adds Brush Deburring to the Lake Zurich lab

Flat honing or fine grinding can generate a small burr in some materials. In order to offer the complete solution to our valued customers, Stahli USA has installed a brush deburr unit in our Lake Zurich laboratory. Our deburring program includes the following features: In-line integration with Stahli USA machines Integration with existing coolant filtration […]

Stahli USA develops super abrasive wheels for tight surface finish and reduced sub-surface damage

Stahli USA’s commitment to the development of fixed abrasive solutions in flat machining applications now includes the ability to generate polished surfaces on many materials. Our Research and Development team is working with wheels in various bonds and grit sizes to 8000 mesh. Applications include: J-polish on carbide Improved pre-polish characteristics (surface finish and sub-surface […]