Stahli expands Deburring Capabilities

Customized for application-specific abrasive filament brushes, Tri-Ten Series accepts precision ground parts, in carriers, directly from grinding, lapping, or honing machine. As magnetized belt grips parts in the carrier, they are presented to planetary head, where three 10 in. abrasive filament brushes deburr upward-facing surface. Edge break, surface finish, and material removal are accurately controlled. Brushes may be specified with silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, ceramic, or diamond filaments.

Stahli USA adds Brush Deburring to the Lake Zurich lab

Abrasive Brush Deburring Process


Frequently, during flat honing or fine grinding processes can generate small burrs in some materials after machining. In order to offer the complete solution to our valued customers, Stahli USA has installed a brush deburr unit in our Lake Zurich laboratory.

Our deburring program includes the following features:

  • In-line integration with Stahli USA machines
  • Integration with existing coolant filtration systems
  • Matched production rates with flat honing or fine grinding machines
  • Combined grinding wheel and deburr trials in one location
  • Complete process development capabilities
  • Uniquely, In combination with flat honing the brush deburring can generate lower roughness values (Ra, Rz).

Please contact us regarding your deburring requirements and we will be happy to perform trials as well as quote deburring systems.

Stahli USA develops super abrasive wheels for tight surface finish and reduced sub-surface damage

Stahli USA continues the development of fixed abrasive/ super abrasive wheel solutions in fine grinding and flat honing machining applications. Which in turn, now includes the ability to generate polished surfaces on many materials using fixed abrasive wheels. While this capability is now easily achieved, increase productivity by a process that we can customize to your needs.  The days of having to fight flatness, surface finish, and consistency within a load ends today!

Our Research and Development team is working with wheels in various bonds and grit sizes to 8000 mesh.

For example, applications include:

  • J-polish on carbide
  • Improved pre-polish characteristics (surface finish and sub-surface damage) on various materials
  • Controlled and repeatable surface finish specifications that go beyond the typical Ra, Rmax, and Rz designations
  • Replacement of loose diamond applications and improving cleanliness and consistency

To learn more information on our super abrasive wheels visit our consumables page and see what all we can offer you! This is to say, at Stahli USA we continuously strive in creating/offering the most reliable, high-quality products. Safe to say that you will be more than satisfied by the results our honing wheels are capable to achieve. Meanwhile, we enjoy hearing the win-win feedback received from our customers by saving money, time and materials using Stahli USA as their fixed abrasive wheel supplier!

Come See us!

In addition, we encourage you to visit our facility to get a live demonstration with your parts on our wheels. You will certainly be amazed by the results that will be shown right out of our machine! Our super abrasive honing wheels are the perfect addition that you are missing on your shop floor. Our engineering and production team are extremely skilled and knowledgable on what super abrasive wheel would work best for your parts specifically. The flexibility of our fixed abrasive wheels gives a beautiful finish on a variety of materials using the same type of wheel.

Due to the extensive R&D applications completed over the years, we also manufacture your super abrasive honing wheels here at our facility. That allows us to get you your honing applications even faster, and costs of them down at the same time. In conclusion, Contact Stahli USA today to learn more about our machining applications. A fascinating process you do not want to pass.

Grinding, Lapping & Polished workpieces

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